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HEA LLAS E-learning Symposium Southampton (23-24 January 2014)

Virtual Learning Environments and Blended Learning: Are the Students Autonomous?
In a context of precariousness of Modern Foreign Languages and promotion of digital tools among students, often referred to as “technology-enhanced learning”, London Metropolitan University offers an Institution-Wide Language Programme where modules are presented as a blended learning package of face-to-face sessions coupled with the use of the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment.

At a time when universities consider students’ feedback and the quality of their learning with care, the presenter sought students’ views on their experience of Blackboard as part of their classes in elementary French.

96 students agreed to participate in this research, conducted through a mixed-method approach involving questionnaires and follow-up interviews.
In this paper, the presenter will provide key findings of the study, which include the difficulties faced by participants in their application of digital skills for formal learning and their preference to be guided by lecturers. Recommendations will be made to enhance students’ engagement with the Virtual Learning Environment, focusing on the notions of scaffolding and teacher intervention.

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